Our lawyer’s team is highly motivated and dedicated and has compassion for justice and client service and we value the rights and liberties of our living society. Our team will be self-starting, exercising initiative in accomplishing our goals, and acting on situations and opportunities, rather than be acted upon. We build and nurture lasting relationships, both within our firm and with our clients and our team is viewed as being professional, aggressive, and compassionate in several aspects Mian Saqib Nisar is a Pakistani jurist who served as the 25th Chief Justice of Pakistan from 31 December 2016 till 17 January 2019. He has previously served as the Law Secretary. He also served as a visiting professor of law at the University of Punjab where he provided instructions on constitutional law


Pir Muhammad Karam Shah was a famous saint of Chishtia order, a learned theologian, a commentator of the Holy Qur’an, a biographer of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him), a jurist, an educationist and justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. His family was honoured in the Punjab province due to knowledge and piety. His grandfather Pir Amir Shah known as Amir-us-Salikeen was famous chishti saint. His father Pir Hafiz Muhammad Shah Ghazi was also a sufi who took an active part in Pakistan Movement and in jehad for liberation of Kashmir he also served as a Judge at the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan and Shariat Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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